Helen Supports the Recruiting and Human Resource Practice.

Helen Babbe
Vice President

Ben Hardy

Chris Psencik leads the Landscape and Construction Management Coaching Practice with emphasis on Sales Execution.  Chris has twenty years of Professional Green Industry experience, driving business development efforts for large firms and has been consistently awarded accolades for his achievements within those organizations. He has the credibility and confidence to highlight where companies need to improve their sales and customer relationship management activities. Chris provides coaching and feedback on existing sales strategies and focuses efforts on refining sales process in order to drive desired revenue targets.  Chris believes that consummate sales professionals are the face of an organization that must take ownership for doing whatever it takes to drive a brand – No Excuses!

Ben leads the Talent Acquisition for McFarlin Stanford.  With over fifteen years in the Green industry and experience ranging from operations to human resources and recruiting on local and national levels, Ben has worked within highly successful firms and recruited top talent for all areas of an organization in multiple markets.  Ben believes strongly that a successful organization is driven by successful individuals, which begins with having the right people in the right roles and empowering them to achieve and exceed their goals.  The commitment to finding the right people that fit and enhance your culture, coupled with providing continued leadership and development for them, is the most important investment a company can make and it offers the greatest returns!  

Helen leads the Recruiting and Human Resource Practice for McFarlin Stanford. With over twenty-five years in leadership roles in the marketing execution and business process outsourcing space, Helen has the ability to understand the business and quickly assess an organization's needs. She knows how to create and drive initiatives and programs to ensure the talent within an organization is being cultivated and developed to the levels needed to achieve those needs. When team members feel empowered and unstoppable in accomplishing their goals, remarkable things happen within the organizations they work in – it starts with the right people in the right role and continues with the development and leadership of a company’s most valuable resource.

James leads the Executive Coaching Practice.  

Chris leads the Construction Operations and Sales Practice.

Jason leads the Operations Leadership Practice.  

Ben Leads the Talent Placement and Development Practice

As the Leader of McFarlin Stanford’s Executive Coaching Practice, Jim brings over twenty-five years of executive leadership experience from within the professional services industry and as the former COO of a Professional Landscape firm. Jim is an architect of innovation.  He stands alongside company leaders and executives of companies and assists hands-on as they chart their way forward.  It’s scary heading towards the unknown, into the often unchartered waters of change.  Jim has been there and knows how it feels and will drive you through the change for results.  As an advisor, he sees clients challenged by complexity as they struggle to develop and execute relevant strategy. Jim brings accountability and urgency to the table, ensuring consistency in planning and daily activities in driving an organization forward.​

With over twenty years in the Professional Green industry, Jason leads our Operational Effectiveness Practice. It is Jason’s strong belief that building high performing, empowered, and effective teams enables business leaders to work on the strategic growth of the company. In order to drive this level of execution, Jason partners with operational leadership and dives into process, identifying areas that require change and reinforcement. With Jason’s support and direction, operations leaders implement effective plans, training their teams through adoption and ultimately to consistent execution. He drives accountability and continuous improvement to ensure success. At the core, Jason has always been about value realization, driving transformation and achieving results, but most impressively he thoroughly enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others, ultimately creating a winning culture.​